Our Insights Community, ‘Jisishe’



NICA has established a first-of-its-kind insights citizen insights community in Beijing, focussed on supporting healthy longevity. With well over 2,000 members already, Jisishe (‘Insights Club’) is open to Beijing residents who are interested in topics around ageing and longevity. Members provide insight into their life, challenges, hopes and experiences through online surveys and face-to-face workshops.

Accessing citizen insights in China as an international organisation or business is not straight forward. The UK China Project has navigated significant regulatory hurdles in order to provide insights to businesses that would not otherwise be easily available, providing feedback on product design, acceptability and product testing. We then capture these insights in the most culturally appropriate way, working with Chinese partners and hosting opportunities through the ubiquitous WeChat platform.

If you have access to WeChat, please view our Official Account page which provides detail on the topics and opportunities explored so far by the community: