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The world currently counts a billion people over 60. By 2050, that number will double to 2.1bn, with the fastest growing age group the over 80s.  We need to innovate now to be ready for the longevity challenges of this second billion.

That’s why the UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) is working internationally, with researchers, cities and businesses across the globe, facilitating an international conversation on what is needed and possible for healthy longevity. 

At the leading edge of the world’s demographic shift is China, where improved health and longevity, combined with the legacy of the one-child policy, is rapidly reshaping the country’s population.  Working with partners in China, NICA is leading the work to understand how the challenges associated with increased longevity require and stimulate innovation across every aspect of daily life. 

How can new technologies, products and service models best be harnessed for truly global impact?

China is already home to over 200 million people aged 65+

By 2050 1 in 3 people in China will be aged 65+

The longevity economy in China is due to hit £1.9 trillion within a couple of years


China’s position at the leading edge of demographic change offers a unique lens to understand the challenges, opportunities and innovations required to ensure we all thrive in a rapidly ageing world.

A flagship three-year programme

To both address the UK and China’s shared challenges around demographic change, and to capitalise on the vast commercial opportunities that result from it, the UK Government funded NICA to deliver a three-year flagship programme. Looking initially at Beijing, the innovative programme focussed on three key areas:

  • Providing a world-class accelerator for 40 innovative UK businesses, focussing on the massive commercial opportunities in China;
  • Building a citizen community of over 2,000 people to understand the wants, needs and aspirations of citizens in China in respect to healthy ageing;
  • Building an innovation eco-system with global partners, essential to support business entry into China and stimulate further collaboration on healthy longevity.


Supporting UK Businesses to access China’s markets: the accelerator programme

NICA’s UK-China Accelerator provided 40 UK businesses with the expert information, support and networks they need to enter China’s markets successfully.

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Building a global insights community

At NICA, capturing human insights – our aspirations, frustrations and unmet needs – is at the heart of our Ageing Intelligence™ approach. This is no different for our activities in China, where we have developed a culturally-appropriate method to engage older people in Beijing, understanding more about daily life, activities and views on new technologies and services.

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Developing an innovation eco-system on healthy longevity between UK and China

Our project brought together the key players in business, research and government to drive innovation in healthy longevity in both the UK and China. We are catalysing future collaborations between the UK and China around healthy ageing, exploring together how we can make the most of our increased longevity. If you’d like to more about this please contact info@uknica.co.uk